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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Residents rate SCDC goal score for the Felixstowe South Seafront Land project as  about 2 out of 20 and both their goals would be fouls and disqualified  for breaking the rules

SCDC Statement of Community Involvement  Document

Statement of community involvement Part of a new planning system for the district New system  Local Development Documents

The Statement of Community Involvement is one of several key documents that form part of a new planning system for the district.

The Town & Country (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2004 prescribe the minimum acceptable means of community involvement. However, Suffolk Coastal already goes beyond the minimum acceptable approach as prescribed by these regulations in consulting on planning matters. In the interests of maintaining its commitment to wide and effective community involvement, the Council will continue to exceed these minimum standards.

The types of individuals and groups, who comprise the broader community and need to be consulted (in general) include the following:

The South Seafront Land development Question? who has been consulted ?

Residents would say that the following answers apply to Felixstowe South Seafront Development Lack of Consultation

● The general public                                                                                        No

● Various Community interest groups                                                              No

● Land interest groups, developers, agents and consultants                       Yes Bloors

● Residents’ associations/local neighbourhood groups                                      No

● Other mainly local societies and associations                                                 No

● Amenity societies/area focussed groups                                                         No

● Local clubs                                                                                                   No

● The employment/business sectors and bodies representing these                    No

● Central Government and related national agencies                                          No

● Parliamentary representatives                                                                         No

● Regional Planning Body                                                                                  No

● Local government, including county, district and parish/town councils               No

● Local Councillors                                                                No; discussion banned

● Other Suffolk Coastal Service groups and those promoting local initiatives        No

● Other providers of services and facilities                                                           No

● The Council’s partners                                                                                    Yes

● The media                                                                            No; reporters banned

● Infrastructure and utilities providers                                                                  No

● The voluntary and charitable sectors                                                                 No