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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Undermine ? If it's like this on a calm September day what will it be like when the winter storms come

At risk

The flood plain soak away land behind the wave wall supposed to be set aside for recreation and leisure purposes according the to original area plan

where they want to build houses.

The Lovely Victorian Manor Terrace

Port of Felixstowe Britain's premier Container Port

£5M Bill to keep the Seas at Bay .... these are front page headlines in the Felixstowe Edition of the Evening Star dated 6/9/05  by Richard Cornwall

Flood Warning for resort under threat

Sea breaking over Felixstowe promenade.

And yet they still intend to build houses on this flood plain! putting life and property at risk for what ? greed ? ignorance ? money money? inconceivable to residents and visitors alike

Victorian Sea defenses that are to be seen in the popular local history books show well kept sea defenses when Felixstowe was managed properly by it's council Old photographs show how this was done . The photo snaps on this web site show how the opposite is sadly true today with neglect and deterioration all along the South Sea Front at Felixstowe. The proof is to be seen in the pictures below

According the article the £5M is needed to be spent to protect Felixstowe from flooding - and to stop the vulnerable southern area of the town from being overwhelmed by the sea. urgent action is needed to replace decaying sea defenses. Hundreds of homes businesses sea front gardens amusements and even the port (Britain's biggest container terminal) will be at risk if the defenses fail.

What was left of the Felixstowe breakwaters have been piled up as "defense" against the coming winter storms and residents know that these will all be scattered by the power of the sea during the winter months