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2005 Proposals and Developments

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While all this is going on and before it is known that the New Groynes will be successful Suffolk Coastal District Council is planning to build on this flood plain

After 2000 years the wise Suffolk Coastal District Council now deems it safe to build 158 of them on a flood plain

Matthew 7:26

The foolish man, built his house upon the sand:

Work on sea defences to begin next summer

Headlines in the Felixstowe edition of the Evening Star 7 October 2005

£10 Million Bill to keep rising tides at bay

Work on sea defences to begin next summer

Apparently more than £10 Million will need to be spent on sea defences to protect Felixstowe from the waves over the next decade.

The rising sea levels and, worries over the increasing number of storms, existing sea defences wearing out and erosion means that a series of major projects will be needed to prevent flooding of low-lying areas and prevent and stop land and property being washed away or damaged. Residents and Visitors have been alarmed to see the Fishtail reefs at Cobbolds point have been unsuccessful and another £3.1 million will need to be spent increasing the height, length, modifying, and putting in additional fishtail groynes.

Common sense would indicate that before building permission is given to build on the flood plain on the Felixstowe South Seafront that the proposed sea defences will work.

Residents believe that Councillors coming out with such statements such as “experts have said it’s ok” should be held responsible for their decisions.

£10 Million Bill to keep rising tides at bay