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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Rae Leighton Cabinet Member Parishes Blythburgh, Bramfield, Thorington, Walberswick, Wenhaston with Mells Hamlet

According to the local Evening Star paper dated

1st November 2005 community leaders were accused of drawing up an "odd list of grumbles" which could jeopardize the south Seafront project. What an appalling snub to Councillors making the decision, many of which have undertaken the role of Mayor and also reside in Felixstowe. Here we are being told by councillors outside Felixstowe  what is to be done. This must be politics at it's worst, the arrogance and lack of  concern for residents and visitors alike has to be seen to be believed.  It is obvious that the scheme should be rejected outright, and one that accords to the local plan should be considered.

Now surely Government Guidelines should be implemented.

Freedom of information  and proper consultation by all parties concerned in accordance with SCDC own consultation documents should be adhered to and put in place.

Quality of life in Walberswick and Wenhaston might be just fine but people living in the South Seafront at Felixstowe have many doubts as to what the situation will be like if this disastrous plan goes ahead.

Suffolk Coastal where the quality of life counts slogan  is it a joke ?

Council debate described as a list of grumbles

Seafront Project In Jeopardy