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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Military enclosure  only example in county  and is regionally and nationally important

Hardly a day goes by without further evidence in the media of the multiple failings of the South Seafront development revised plan.

Headlines in the Local Evening Star paper dated 4 November 2005  read "Heritage Chiefs fear impact of buildings on site of Martello." this article by Richard Cornwall Felixstowe editor records how English Heritage is deeply concerned about the major impact that the project will have on the Martello Tower the organization is particularly concerned about the effect on the Napoleonic tower's  four acre square military enclosure , the only example in the country and important regionally and nationally.

The proposed construction of 158 dwellings  would have an adverse effect on the current open setting of the monument.

The application does not secure the use repair, and maintenance of the tower, contrary to the local plan policy.

The society suggests the scheme should be redesigned.

Further  rainbow of hope that this discredited and foolish scheme might be put to rest

The Martello Tower ignored in the first application but grudgingly included in the second one

Refurbishment could have been funded from other sources like other councils have done  round the coast, and residents wonder why Felixstowe affairs are being so badly managed.

More than just grumbles  scheme fails on so many points

Heritage Chiefs fear impact of buildings on site of Martello Tower