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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Suffolk Preservation Society:

Should the planning authority proceed to determine the application, in its current form without the Society being afforded an opportunity to consider the matter comprehensively , with the updated report on the buildings condition (Herman De Stern, after the fire) and without an opportunity to inspect the building , then it is likely that we will seek formal legal opinion on this matter in order to establish the validity of any permission which might be granted

English Heritage:

We recommend that consideration should be given to redesigning the scheme to safeguard the setting of the monument ( Martello Tower) in accordance with AP202 and AP7 and explicit statements , commitments and agreements  are made as part of the application  concerning the repair, renovation and re-use of the tower in accordance to policy AP202

It is hoped that the the local planning authority will take note of Residents and Society comments of the real facts:--

here are a few quotes.

This new scheme like the first still involves substantial departure from the development plan policy and necessarily  requires refusal of planning permission.

The Council has consistently refused over a period of twenty years - and has upheld on appeal  - to grant permission for residential  developments   on the periphery of the site immediately adjacent  to other domestic dwellings : it cannot now change its view to suit its own ends. Until such a time as the policy is amended to revoke this area's designation for leisure use, any proposal of this nature must fail

£25 Million Jewel in the Bin

Bin It ! is the message of the consensus  of opinion concerning the utterly flawed Seafront plans that a few councillors want for reasons of their own to go ahead. Reasons described as an odd list of grumbles have turned out to be a major stumbling block for this money orientated scheme. An opportunity to make something of the last remaining green field area  in Felixstowe and the East Coast has so far produced few redeeming qualities.