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The Development Debate

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Suit Site Visit

The South Development Area Control Sub Committee made a site visit at Felixstowe South Seafront last Monday and looked very smart in their suits  accompanied with advisors. They spent considerable time looking at the height of Manor Terrace with plans in hand. The plans submitted with the planning application showed an artist's impression of Manor Terrace and the proposed buildings this gave the impression that the height aspect of the new buildings and the Terrace was the same. As the Terrace is two storeys and the proposed buildings three storeys plus a tower and built on stilts residents know  that proposed new buildings will dwarf the area and be totally out of keeping with the Victorian character of the area and a further instance of Suffolk Coastal District Council ignoring it's own policies.  

Site Inspection with Martello Tower in background a listed building so cannot be pulled down and Herman de Stern back right which is to be demolished and signed  council covenants ignored.

Committee staring at the height of the lovely Victorian yellow brick Manor Terrace Houses the residents of which are about to have their lives devastated by traffic congestion property devaluation removal of sea views and general reduction of life style by this ill thought out scheme.

Tragedy that is Felixstowe

Much of what has been said at the recent D Day celebrations, was the fact that the conflict was for truth and the right for free speech. How sad that in practice free speech is curtailed with pathetic indifference and  feeble excuses.

Romeo and Juliet Tragedy

No Pier No yearly motor cycle visit, why do the Councillors keep getting things so wrong  who do they really represent ? Residents will answer it is that they represent themselves !  Who is at fault ?  The apathetic vote !  The distrust of the people the block party vote ? The Governments efforts to get people to the vote  has been largely unsuccessful..