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2005 Proposals and Developments

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No Problem if Ray is still there is 6 months' time we'll be able to just swim up and eat him.

Headlines End of the Road for Tangerine Dream

Local papers have recently carried the story that owners of a bright tangerine coloured wall on the A140 who have been told to demolish the brickwork because it is in breach of planning regulations. Builders and house owners in the Felixstowe area though should have no problems in erecting anything they like if planning permission is given to the South Seafront Scheme which breaches so many regulations that the future precedent will be anything goes.

SCDC Answer to Global Warming

Build on a Flood Plain

Planning Officers again give the thumbs up go ahead to flawed scheme

Seafront Scheme Set to Go Ahead

These are the Front Page Headlines in the local Evening Star paper dated 29 November 2005, the paper records that this is Felixstowe's last remaining seaside site awaiting development. The article describes the scheme as a housing and leisure project.

Which of course is one of the many reasons why the scheme would not be granted approval

Permission would not be granted in normal circumstances. (i.e. If not council Inspired.) The area plan is for recreation and leisure use with housing being a minor part to pay for the leisure amenities, and the scheme certainly fails completely on this aspect alone.

The article records that planning officers give their full backing to the scheme and of course residents appreciate that they would be foolish not to if they valued their jobs, If it's a question of the boss saying jump then the normal answer in a time of job cuts etc. is "how high sir" However a dangerous precedent will be set if it goes ahead and builders will be queuing up to make money on the cheap without a necessity to abide by any area plan or overlooked legislation,.

Residents have tried to find out the financial aspects of the scheme but the confidential aspect has always been invoked and the freedom of information act requirements overlooked when convenient to the council.