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2005 Proposals and Developments

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There was one letter for it ... but was it mistaken identity

What Plan ?

Mockery of Planning Approval

Seafront Decision Disaster

These are the front page headlines in the Felixstowe edition of Evening Star dated 9 December 2005. The Felixstowe South Seafront development described as the most hotly disputed projects in Felixstowe history.

Disaster is just about how residents would describe the go ahead given to the application.

The mockery that has been made of council planning procedures the council disregard for the freedom of information act, the dangerous precedent set for future building in Felixstowe and district, and lack of community involvement.

One councillor pointed out that the scheme seems to fly in the face of what the local plan required . This should have been a leisure led development for the regeneration of the town but it is undoubtedly a building led development.

Residents find it difficult to agree with the council statement that it will be of the benefit of the people of Felixstowe.

The 60 letters against, and the solitary one for the scheme would seem to show how wrong the council have got the whole situation. The builder will be making millions and Council Tax payers will be paying for future maintenance

Seafront Decision Disaster