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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Will it last the winter ?

Another fine mess you have got me into

It's all down the pan

can you believe a word they say?

It appears The Public were misinformed at the so called "consultation" held behind Leisure Centre door !

so much for "freedom of information" so much for the so called "public consultation" where it was stated that the the fish tail groynes were going ahead to stop beach erosion.

Front Page Head lines in the Local Evening Star again highlight this flawed controversial plan that makes a mockery of the local area plan.The go ahead given one day and urgent negotiations were underway the next when the government refused to give cash for the desperately needed sea defenses.

The land is a flood plain and the Environment Agency has said it can only be built if the sea defense work , which was due to start next spring , takes place. It is sad that this fiasco has been allowed to go on for so long. If only the council had listened to local residents in the first place perhaps an awful lot of money time and effort could have been saved . Government legislation would seem to indicate that if a builder wants to build on a flood plain, then flood defense must be paid for. But the pretence that this project was anything more than a building scheme has led to this situation. Government money was available for the Village Green project and other council's have obtained money for Martello Tower refurbishment. Felixstowe councillors were vilified when they voted against the project and have been over ruled by those not living in the Town. Not so much a democracy more a way of life.

Talks to Save 25m Project --- Seafront Plans Under Threat Again