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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Mystery Fire at the Herman De Stern  

The Herman De Stern  Mysteriously caught fire on the afternoon of

25 September 2005.

By the time the Turn Table ladder arrived the building was well alight. Crowds of people witnessed the efforts of the hard working firemen as they sprayed water over the flames and hoses were  put into the sea to pump more and more water over the conflagration. The roof was destroyed as can be seen from these photographs taken as the fire raged.  The West end of Felixstowe was filled with smoke which spread all along the seafront. The fire commenced at  approximately 2.00pm. and was still burning at 5.00pm and yet the building was still standing demonstrating how well this type of Edwardian Building was built.

The Council had been warned of the security risk posed by abandoning  the place after evicting the Theatre company and those living in the flatlets  but little was done to stop vandalism etc. Later it was stated that the police had arrested two youths on suspicion of causing the fire. Plans were in hand to demolish the building in the South Seafront building plan as the builder in partnership with the council was not interested in developing it. This was much to the dismay of Felixstowe residents and Visitors Who saw it as a much needed community centre for the area. It was also mentioned at the recent Save our Hospitals meeting as a possible ideal Day Care centre for the beleagued carer’s in Felixstowe struggling at present, let alone when the much talked about cut backs take place in hospital services.

Demolition Crane at work

Herman never to rise?