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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Now in a more enlightened age.Nurses study for three years and then are told there are no jobs for them due to cut backs.

Or if they get a job then they must pay to park their cars for the privilege of working there. Has bureaucracy gone completely mad?

Nurses Quiet Study Area

The Bartlet continues to be a lifesaver for people throughout the area with its ideal situation promoting convalescence and a life line to many getting back on their feet after an operation or illness. The philosophy of Dr Bartlet in making such a gift possible is as relevant today as it was cutting edge when instituted.

Nurses Quarters and Bartlet Entrance

Councillor Mike Ninnmey

Architects Drawings of the Bartlet

Protected are the press headlines on 5 May 2006 Concerning the Bartlet Hospital threatened by closure by the PCT to pay off debts. Mike Ninnmey one of Felixstowe's hardest working councillors worked on the listing application and researched the vital evidence to show its architectural importance. Campaigners were delighted that the Bartlet gets special status. A decision is awaited from the Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt to decide on the Bartlet's future.

Prom protest March is to be held with Seafront Demonstration against Bartlet Hospital closure on its 80th anniversary The aim is to set off from the Herman De Stern (a former hospital also closed) and to have refreshments at The Hut (the former Red Cross Centre) which is below the Bartlet.................... The date Sunday 21st May 2006 2.45pm

Bartlet Hospital Given Grade II Listing Status by conservation chiefs

Bartlet Moat Martello Conversion

Nurses Main Class Room