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The Development Debate

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Councillors have at last had brought to their attention the state of shores at the southern end of Felixstowe where it is proposed  to build 209 homes of a flood plain

Beach defence Repairs continue unabated with JCB's lifting breakwater stones and shingle back into position . How building is justified so close to obvious hazards is incomprehensible to every visitor and resident in the area.

Happy holiday beach hut owners are annoyed as the machines pass within inches of their wind breaks belching out diesel fumes and noise.

The large amount of shingle washed up over the promenade and levelled out by the contractors is the cause of much work and problems including that of Ron Bright of Manor Terrace who labelled the situation as highly dangerous when trying to drive his motorised disabled buggy over the pathway to the promenade. The original plan for beach hut removal and maritime  artefacts  and sculptures was greeted with astonishment by residents who posed the question as to how long these things would remain after the winter storms.

Residents  are wondering why the Council does not now admit that the whole scheme  is alien to the area and  that they really only want to build a housing estate on a flood plain, against government guidelines and  the their own policies on land set aside for Leisure and Recreational use. That the doorstep green use of the land suggestion put forward by residents would be the safest  and cheapest for council tax payers in the long run.

Ron Bright

Award winning resident of Manor Terrace

Land Erosion Warning