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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Accompanied by

Sir Henry Ponsonby

and lady in waiting

Queen Victoria arrives in Felixstowe (eventually) Felixstowe's Town Cryer was in fine form annoucing to the cheering bystanders the arrival of Her Majesty. The Horses and Landau were a magnificent spectacle of a bye gone age. The victorian cyclists on a variety of wonderful machines plus red socks were a joy to see.

Was Her Majesty amused on Her visit to Felixstowe

She passed closely by the Felixstowe South Sea Land which may well have caused a frown on the royal forehead. Perhaps a few individuals might well now be in the Tower of London to save further problems for the royal rule

Felixstowe Town Cryer

in fine form

Queen Victoria's Landau

"We are Not amused " Queen Victoria Arrives in Felixstowe (eventually)