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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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Scheme Rejected

Departures from Local Plan given are:


1  Seawall/Floodwall  - many unresolved issues

2  Martello Tower     - not comprehensive setting linkage

3  Market

4  Herman de Stern

5  Seafront Park       - not achieved

6  Leisure recreation -  becomes minor use

7  Infrastructure       - compromises site

8  Quality                 - of residential buildings     

9  Position                -  of residential buildings

10 Housing developments -  too excessive

11 No supplementary planning  provisions

12 Cycle route and footpath incomplete

Andy Smith

Interviewed on BBC Radio Suffolk  about fears that the Bawdsey Martello Tower might soon fall into the sea Andy Smith was questioned as to whether the council and Bloors Builders would go to appeal. for the rejected South Seafront scheme. Andy Smith  said he was surprised and distraught and it was sad for Felixstowe, and blamed residents for this.

Residents hope that the council will now work with the local community to achieve the local plan and council policies for the good of Felixstowe residents   holiday makers  and visitors. Perhaps something really good can be made of the land which has suffered from years of Council Neglect. We all make mistakes but councillors should beware of blaming those whom they are supposed to represent.

If the cap fits wear it.

West End Residents Association Chairman  Doreen Rayner hoped that it might now be possible to have a play  area for the children.