2007 Felixstowe Shore and More

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Felixstowe Master plan Ideas Unveiled.

Good Friday service taking place on the triangle..... master plan suggestion to create a new triangle get rid of loos add cafe and open air performance area with retractable roof and seating.

Residents and visitors watching waves breaking over promenade 20 July 2007 near seafront shelter,,,,,,master plan suggestion to convert beach shelters into cafes which spill out on to decking on the shore.

Grass in South Seafront gardens having great difficulty in reestablishing itself after winter sea water flooding but now happening in July .....master plan Revitalize seafront gardens showcasing varied coastal plants, create winter gardens

27 Schemes identified in the resort master plan have been met with excitement and sometimes sardonic smiles with the Felixstowe master plan unveiled. Videos on the You tube internet site with councillor comments aired now worldwide must have a high listing chuckle content. With residents hoping that there will be something left in Felixstowe for some of the ideas to be implemented.