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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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Call for total rethink on seafront proposal

Interested groups need a say

Extracts From Article by Richard Cornwall  Felixstowe Editor Evening Star 21 Aug 2004

Families, businesses And other interested groups should be given a greater say if new proposals have to be drawn up for the Felixstowe seafront site.

The idea for greater involvement is being suggested by  town councillors to try to overcome the problems which have beset the current £15 million-plus scheme and find a way forward.

Suffolk preservation society chairman director Richard Ward has called for a "radical rethink" and not a tinkering with the plans rejected by Suffolk Costal Planners. He said that the Herman De Stern centre should be retained, the Martello Tower protected, and the project must not be reliant on housing to fund it.

The ideas would depend on whether the district council was prepared to enter into partnership with the community and listen to its views and take them on board otherwise there was no point in doing the work

Suffolk Preservation

Society   Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE)

The committee decided town clerk Susan Robinson should speak informally with senior offices at Suffolk Coastal Council to explore the ideas. Meeting chairman Mike Stowell said that it was important a way was found to move the project forward that we get whatever goes on the land right for the town and Manor Terrace, we need to make more people happy than there were for the current plan and present a package which will suit more people than it will upset.

Bloor Homes has been granted permission to appeal and a public enquiry could be held. However the company has not yet decided whether to appeal or submit amended plans.

Scheme Rethink Call Unheeded