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MP Norman Lamb Visits Felixstowe

MP Norman Lamb (centre) with Lib Dem town council election candidates Lee Reeves and David Miller

MP Norman Lamb, chairman of the all-party coastal and marine group, visited Felixstowe to see the state of the resort's beaches, he criticized the government and said more was needed to be done to protect coastal communities

Felixstowe has been refused grant aid for a £6million project to protect 1,600 homes and the port in the low-lying south of the resort because it did not get its grant application in early enough and all the money had been allocated else­where.

Mr Lamb said that the council here has to also take its share of the responsibility . because it is clear it is a priority that the town must be protected and there must be serious questions over why the bid for grant aid did not go in sooner than it did to Defra - so late that when it did the cupboard was bare.

The unbelievable and incredible fact that the council is still intending to build homes on the South Seafront Land has astounded normal sane people and residents who were being told by councillors at the South Seafront exhibition that the sea defence situation was no problem to granting building permission.

The question is still being asked "was the costly council delay in applying for the sea defence grant application because of this council pet building fiasco?"