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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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Leisure attractions are facing the axe

Tough decisions over seafront revamp dreams

Less Leisure than none

Area Plan for land is Recreation and Leisure

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Felixstowe South Seafront

Zilch minus nothing less than a village playing field

Even less leisure could be featured in new proposals for the 17-acre recreation site at Felixstowe South seafront.

Planners criticised the project for having fewer attractions than a village playing field but now ironically it may have even less than first thought

Evening Star extract Richard Cornwall  6/9/04

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The proposed car Parking in the planning application alone would have cost £500,000

Car Parking on the soak away  5/9/04

Cost to  visitors nil

Coast to Council nil

Coast to maintain nil

in fact it's protecting the area from flooding Value for money they're joking again

Traffic congestion and the like has not been addressed  and fears that traffic could well be backed up to the  Dock entrance are well founded  which apart from the danger caused will also mean that  Britain's busiest container port will come to a stand still

Leisure attractions Facing the Axe