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Martello Tower Plans

Martello Tower P at Felixstowe Looking from the Sea with Sea Water stopped by the wave wall March 2007

The Martello Tower "P" at Felixstowe which seemed to be completely neglected in Council Plans in the South Seafront Saga, could now become an arts educational and discovery centre which is a far better idea than that suggested way back in 2004. this was " The Martello Tower at Manor End could be turned into a lunatic asylum for those behind the ludicrous redevelopment  scheme."Letter to Evening star 2/2/04"

Those interested in the scheme though have learned to take everything said with a pinch of salt. Remembering statements to the effect that the South Seafront Sea Defence was all sorted which have been proved false, with tons of rock having to be dumped in front of the promenade to stop it falling into the sea.this winter. Visitors and residents watching the power of the sea and waves pounding towards the wave wall in March 07 find it hard to believe in the necessity to build homes to raise money for the scheme which is outweighed by the danger this will pose to life and property in the area.

And the wind was from the North West ..... had it been North East would there still be a Felixstowe South Seafront promenade