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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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New ideas drawn up for developing on south seafront

Extracts from Richard Cornwalls Article Evening Star 14/9/04

Labour party activists in Felixstowe have proposed new ideas for the resort's controversial south seafront site to try to find a sensible solution to the problem.

Felixstowe Labour Party says development of the area between Orford Road and the Manor Club is needed but the rejected proposals were over development

It has written to Suffolk Coastal Council to suggest the new plans scale down what was suggested and provide fewer houses with a higher proportion of affordable housing, and a wildlife area rather than a expensive novelty park.

There should be no concreting over drainage land  to lessen residents' fears over flooding risks and the Napoleonic  Martello tower should become a focal point and be restored for community use.

The party's Felixstowe branch also wants the wooden galleon which was to be the focal point at the entrance to the development from Sea Road removed over concerns over vandalism and maintenance costs to taxpayers.

County Councillor David Rowe said: "It is important we don't just complain about the development but put forward positive alternatives, hence  Felixstowe Labour Party proposes the land should be kept mainly as a family orientated open space.

While there would be fewer houses to pay for the leisure area our proposed leisure area would be less costly and more low key."

Martello Tower

Virtually left out in original plan for

devious reasons?

Notices Urging residents to say no to Over development have been on display for Months ' and had the Council listened much waste of time and money could have been avoided.

No concreting over drainage land to avoid flooding risks

Councillor David Rowe