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Felixstowe High Tide 20 March 2007 Promenade No Go Area

Felixstowe Promenade was a no go area again as can be seen by the picture on the left as waves pounded the prom once more during the expected high tide on 20 march 2007. Visitors and residents watching were treating to a spectacular display of the power of the sea as Felixstowe's famous gardens became water gardens. Watchers gasped as one wave simply demolished one of the huts and moved others rapidly towards the retreating sightseers the other side of the wave wall, which was a bit of a frightening experience

Felixstowe Water Gardens

Are you Sitting Comfortably

One of Felixstowe's top film makers is seen braving all to film the event With the South Seafront Land Floodplain on the right upon which the Council Still Intents to build Houses

Council Staff where on hand to make sure that no one was in the marooned toilets

Promenade Damage Sustained Further along Prom Adjacent to the Martello Tower Area south Seafront Land

As soon as the tide receded the battle goes on to save the Felixstowe promenade and South Seafront