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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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Sad not Surprised. Lives at risk If built on flood Plain

West Ward Councillors Submission

" Since this very sad and rather surprising decision" (referring to the scheme rejected in July )

This is now an often repeated phrase in the council propaganda publications But is it really true?


Sadness Really Is !

Real sadness is when a person being interviewed 50 years on from the incident  cannot continue the interview and becomes emotionally distressed.

This was aptly illustrated when the BBC documentary  by Time Watch "The Greatest Storm "was shown again on 12/11/04, the 53 floods were described as being air brushed out of our history due to various factors.

The film starts off with a young looking Michael Fish and the often quoted statement in 87 of "no hurricane", and then goes on to the 53 flood stories and interviews that reflect the real sadness as to what happened. Particularly the interview with Doris Watkins and the account of crawling on the roof of the prefab at Felixstowe to escape the water and the tragedy that followed.

Flood danger warnings given not to construct dwellings on this land were ignored  in that day but the lessons of history have not been learned.

The resulting insult and unbelief of those who lost loved ones in the 53 floods when they learn of councillors  encouraging the building of 200 plus houses on a flood plain  is hard for normal residents to ignore or take in.

What is

Surprising ?

This phrase indicating surprise  when  the Development Control South Sub Committee   showed their integrity when they rejected the application no one  should be surprised at all. The many failings of the case put forward were the cause of the application failure . Residents see these  statements in council literature as a further example  of attempts to  mislead the public.