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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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Herman de  Stern It's time the Council explained its actions. Felixstowetv forum revelations  .. What a carry on Go to the Felixstowetv forum to see details

Suffolk Coastal only scores "Fair" in assessment; Our local District Council has only scored fair in a new assessment from the Audit Commission, published today. While in some areas of activity, the councils strengths outweigh its weaknesses, some of the interests which most concern our local communities are handled poorly

See Audit commission report

Three cheers for the Audit Commission - this Council must learn to respond to the wishes of its residents. They could start by scrapping the Bloor Homes redevelopment idea for the south seafront.

Herman de Stern: something stinks

Consultant engaged by council regarding development

Consultancy Facts

Double the earnings and more variety than a permanent role; no wonder more and more professionals want to identify opportunities to work as a consultant / interim manager.

With the majority of consultants now charging £300 - £700 per day for their services - and the use of consultants becoming much more widespread - this is a career move that is fast becoming an option for more and more of our readers.

Jobs for the boys

Is a consultant paid  as much in one afternoon as a normal person can earn in a week?

Herman de Stern something stinks