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Suntrap topics, as can be seen are many and varied and the web site was set up originally to extol the virtues of Felixstowe the Suntrap of the East Coast.

The pictures on the right  from an early holiday brochure show the South Seafront Land in happier times. Felixstowe Urban District Council really looked after the needs of the Town with good maintenance and care for the area.

Felixstowe was a really pleasant place to live, and would be still if it were not for the actions of Council.  Commencing with the moving of the many beach huts off the land and loosing an estimated £5M in revenue, they have a lot to answer for.

One correspondent in a local paper questioned what the ‘Coastal’ stood for in their title and put the query have they ever actually spent any of the council tax payers money on the south seafront? This is particularly irksome for the  remaining  beach hut owners who have to resort to a bucket since the toilet on the front was allowed to degenerate and closed down.

Older residents are also often annoyed by the land being referred to as derelict by council spokesmen because the third world country look has been brought about by council policy.

Money is now being spent to try to save Felixstowe Promenade from falling into the sea and the whole of the seafront is now seriously at risk from  inundation.

Manor Beach from an early Brochure

Manor Green Putting Course  Beach Huts and the Manor Beach Snack Bar. Manor Visitors still remember the delicious cakes and coffee served in the sunshine on the patio

Today toilets on Felixstowe South Seafront that have been left to degenerate and have now been closed. Beach hut owners on the front have been put to considerable inconvenience, no pun intended,

The council wanted to evict the hut owners so that the planned house building would have a good view, with marine gardens being installed  where the shingle is, and upon which waves now frequently break.

Is it planning gone mad ?

At Manor Beach

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