Beach Hut Controversy at Felixstowe

2007 Felixstowe Shore and More

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Beach Huts at Felixstowe

Controversy as huts moved to safety

These are the headlines in the local papers at Felixstowe. Owners have had their licences terminate and there are no alternative sites available.

The love relationship that visitors have had with the huts at Felixstowe has been going on for years, and the price tag has been £15000 to £4000. The south seafront was filled with them when the area was vibrant with life and the quality of life appreciated by all.

That is until the council cleared the site for the planned building scheme which came to nothing in the end. So the £5M estimated loss of revenue has been written off, it only being council tax payers money.

The area is only shingle based and as such is an ideal place for huts this side of the wave wall. The only people not realizing this it seems is the council who still intend to build on it.

The trouble is that this shingle acts as a soak away so when the water does come over the wall it soaks away the only people who don’t seem to know this is of course the council who will put the area under flooding risk  when concreting over this for the houses.

Family relaxing in the lovely suntrap sunshine outside their hut Dunromin

True British Bulldog spirit being shown with flag flying  after council eviction plans were thwarted so the proposed views of the houses to be built would not be obstructed.  Views of course only apply to the houses the council wants to build

On Felixstowe Front ,They love it !

Huts moved and buffet by the sea

Huts being moved by the council for safety reasons on the site where the Herman De Stern stood this was burnt down the day after planning permission to build on South Seafront was given.

Huts being moved at Felixstowe

Hut issue really hurts me !

These are the words of  Jill Thomas Director of the little Hut company. Reports in the local press are that “the local authority killed my project” Jill recounts that the council refused her prototype hut made from GRP from a sawn timber mould  to be used instead of timber.