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The Great Escape  --- Sea Surge 9 November 2007

Like Moses with the Children of Israel  escaping from the Egyptians across the Red Sea, so Felixstowe was delivered from seemingly catastrophic flooding during the North Sea Surge on 9 November 2007.

Residents looked with horror at the sea level at 8.00am with the promenade already awash  and the high tide still three hours away. Nothing it seemed could prevent severe damage and flooding and yet sight seers gasped in amazement as the wind seemed to change just at the right moment driving the sea away from the shore.

Had the tide and the sea surge occurred at the same time the story would have been quite different.

There was some damage to the promenade but nothing on the scale that appeared inevitable to observers earlier in the morning.

Council house building  plans for the south Seafront must surely be untenable now even to them, even if the beach, the first line of defence is restored.

Perhaps the Council might even consider The Area Plan and use the land for Recreation and Leisure

No Cycling of Felixstowe Prom  Awash 3 Hours before the High Tide

Come on mum get your breath back. !.

The 9th of  November was a usual  glorious suntrap type day  at  Felixstowe  and despite the danger several walkers managed  to see the effects of the surge  along the Felixstowe Bay Area

Coast guards on wet safety patrol along Felixstowe promenade

Ambulance and Coast Guards on hand  giving advice

Beach huts moved by the waves again on the South Sea Front This is where the council intends to build

Sailing on On the Crest of  a Wave

Vessels anchored out to sea Waiting for a Berth  As Felixstowe Port was closed due to the  strong wind