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Current Felixstowe Sloighty On Th' Huh Things

Felixstowe History Past and Present

Further Felixstowe Fiascos

 Proposals Developements

South Seafront Felixstowe Development Debate

The Less Than an ideal Building Site

The Rejection of the South Seafront Scheme

Archive A-G

Archaeological Martello Dig

Bartlet 80th Anniversary Save Hospitals

Bartlet News Head Lines Concerns Unheeded

Bartlet 82nd Birthday open Afternoon

Bartlet 85th Anniversary Bed Push

 B.B.A.G Continues Arrangement Meeting

Bartlet Battle Save Convalescent Home

Bartlet Bequest Group Instigation

Bartlet Bequest First Public Meeting

Bartlet Bequest Steering Committee

Bartlet Bequest Exhibition with William

Bartlet Best Property Sale of Century

Bartlet Campaigners and Convalescent Care

Bartlet Closure Causes Bed Block Crisis

Bartlet Closure Cruel ....Go away and die

Bartlet Closure Shameful Disgraceful

Bartlet Convalescent Home is Listed

Bartlet  Conversion Future Use

Bartlet  Conversion Sell Off

Bartlet Felixstowe Costing £1000 Per Week

Bartlets Demise Sick Society Commentary

Bartlet Health Care Drop Off Suffolk  PCT

Bartlet Health Walkers Brave Elements

Bartlet Health Walk Continuing Fight

Bartlet Is it True ?  Sale Questions...

Bartlet PCT Memory Span Average Fish

Bartlet Health Care or PCT Real State Brokers

Bartlet Petition Fails Government Response

Bartlet Proposed Closure Luxury Flats

Bartlet Thanksgiving Ceremony

Bartlet Thanksgiving Rally Appreciation

Bartlet Written In Stone Convalescent Proof

Bartlet 85th Anniversary Plans

Beach Cafe Felixstowe Execution Soon

Beach Cafe Failure Council at Fault

Beach Cafe Felixstowe has to Close

Beach Cafe Stranded by Erosion

Beach Erosion and Dredging Felixstowe

Beach Erosion Fear Foretold Felixstowe

Beach Erosion Felixstowe Viewpoint

Beach Erosion Felixstowe Beware

Beach Erosion Tide Fears Felixstowe

Beach Hut Controversy at Felixstowe

Beach Huts Moved Seafront Felixstowe

Beach Levels Felixstowe October 2008

Beach Levels Felixstowe November 2008

Beach Levels Felixstowe December 2008

Beach Levels Felixstowe January 2009

Beach Levels Felixstowe February 2009

Beach Levels Felixstowe end of February 2009

Beach Levels Felixstowe Sand Removal

Beach Recharge Pipe Line Laid Felixstowe

Beach Recharge Pipe Ready Felixstowe

Beach Recharge Work Continues Felixstowe

Beach Recharge Manor End Felixstowe

Beach Recharge Gusher Felixstowe

Bearch Recharge Activity Felixstowe

Beach Recharge Felixstowe Scale of Operation

Beach Recharge Felixstowe Camel Logistics

Beach Recharge Felixstowe Rainbow Of Hope

Beach Recharge Felixstowe Return of the Mummy

Beach Station Felixstowe Destruction

Beach Station Felixstowe Destruction Anniversary

Beach Station Felixstowe Destruction 7th Anniversary

Bell Tolls Get Rich Quick Building Cancer

Bin £25 Million Scheme Fiasco Message

Bomb Found On Felixstowe  Beach

Bomb at Felixstowe not lost mislaid

Bomb Found Felixstowe Pier and The Dip

Building Come Hell or High Water

Building Folly State Felixstowe 2008

Building Folly Felixstowe by SCDC

Building Folly Felixstowe Flood Plain

Building Folly Felixstowe Lunacy and Reality

Building on a Flood Plain SCDC Plan

Building Permission Felixstowe Flood Risk

Bygones Hacheston Flower Display

Called In Development Plans Felixstowe

Cancer Research UK May Ball 2011

Christmas Day Charity Swim Felixstowe

Christmas Day Charity Swim 2008

Christmas Day Charity Swim 2011

Churches Together in Felixstowe Unity Service

Coastguard Cottages Felixstowe Vandalism

Coddenham Open Gardens and Scarecrows

Coggleshall Flower Festival 2008

Community Involvement Farce SCDC

Comparison Felixstowe Glastonbury Carnivals

Compulsory Purchase In a Free Country

Con Artists Felixstowe True Value

Corruption or Incompetence SCDC

Council and Fred Karno's Army

Council and King Canute

Council Blamed For Seafront  Problems

Council Contravention of  Human Rights

Council Failure at Felixstowe Attacked

Council fiasco Driven Headlines

Council Flawed Planning Permission

Council Funding Application Delay Why?

Council Ignoring It's Own Policies

Council Lies and Real Pirates

Council Urged Rethink Seafront Plan

Demolition Achievement South Seafront Felixstowe

Development 250 Objections Ignored SCDC

Development Felixstowe For and Against Issue

Development Felixstowe  Gagged Councillors

Development Freedom of Information

Development Martello Rainbow of Hope

Development Seafront Suit Site Visit

Development Soviet Apartments

Development Traffic Gridlock

Development Value of Soak Away

Dont Vote Conservative Felixstowe Plea

Disabled Walkway Rebekah's Dragon

Disabled Walkway Return Rebekah's Dragon

Dutch Invasion Sea Britain Felixstowe  History

Emma Maersk At Felixstowe

Easter Day Service Suntrap Felixstowe 2008

Easter Day Service Suntrap Felixstowe 2009

Easter Day Sonrise Service 2011

Easter Day Open Air Service 2012

Easter Good Friday Open Air Service 2008

Easter Good Friday Service Felixstowe 2009

Easter Good Friday Felixstowe Open Air Service 2012

Erosion Felixstowe Noahs Ark Needed

Erosion MP Norman Lamb at Felixstowe

ET is He on Holiday in Felixstowe

Experience of the 53 Felixstowe Floods

Felixstowe Art on the Prom 07 Success

Felixstowe Art on the Prom 2008

Felixstowe Art of the Architect BBAG Presentation

Felixstowe's Best Behaved Recycled Donkey

Felixstowe Carnival 2008 Theme Music

Felixstowe Community Hospital On Show

Felixstowe Cranes Crushed Accident

Felixstowe Cranes Repair Problems Pictures

Felixstowe Demolition Decisions

Felixstowe Flood Defences Go-Ahead

Felixstowe's Greatest Land Give Away

Felixstowe Haircuts While You Wait

Felixstowe Heading No-Where Fast

Felixstowe Master Plan Unveiled

Felixstowe's Oldest Litter Picker

Felixstow'es Oldest Litter Picker Awarded

Felixstowe Personalities Barbara Boast

Felixstowe Press Cuttings and Elephants

Felixstowe Prom a Clean Sweep

Felixstowe Prom Again Awash February 2009

Felixstowe Suntrap Location

Felixstowe Tribute Experience of Floods

Felixstowe Trust C.L.O. Visits Felixstowe

Felixstowe Wit Flooding Health Warning

Felixstowe Wit Winter Prom Concerts

Flood Awareness Exhibition Felixstowe

Flood Risk Reduction Exercise 2011

Flood Plain Building A Picture that says it all

Freedom of Information Act Ignored

Free Speech Felixstowe on Development

Archive H-Z

Heritage Chiefs Reject Failing Scheme

Helmingham Hall Classic & Sports Car Rally

Herman De Stern SCDC Covenant

Herman Demolition SCDC Cunning Plan

Herman De Stern Historic Building Doomed

Herman De Stern SCDC Policy Stinks

Herman De Stern Mystery Fire

Herman De Stern Demolition

Herman De Stern Demolition Tragedy

High Tide Damage Felixstowe Prom

Historic Vehicle Run 2006

Historic Vehicle Run 2007

Historic Vehicle Run 2008

Historic Vehicle Run Felixstowe 2009

Historic Vehicle Run 2011

Hospital Delays Ipswich Apology

Hospital Felixstowe General Re design Group

Hospitals Was Government Misled

Hospital Hands off Felixstowe hospitals

Hot Rod Rally Felixstowe Promenade

Housebuilding Doubts Renewed Felixstowe

House Building Flood Risk Felixstowe

Housing Plans Protest at Felixstowe

Late Local Plan Departure Felixstowe

Landguard Fort  Felixstowe open day 2011

Leisure Attractions Facing the Axe Felixstowe

Leisure Facilities Pathetic Felixstowe

Lidl Store Plan Felixstowe Proposed Rejection

Lorry Congestion A14 Horrendous

Maidstone Road Baptist Church Felixstowe

Maidstone Road Baptist Church Community Day

Martello Park Felixstowe Credit Crunch

'Martello Park' Felixstowe project Delay

Martello Park  Felixstowe Wow becomes Woe

Martello Tower Plans Felixstowe

Military Site Sight Fight Won Development

Mission Aviation Fellowship Visits Felixstowe

North Sea Surge at Felixstowe 9 Nov 07

Not Wanted the Unheeded Message

On the Rocks Felixstowe Stairways

Osprey at Needham Lake

Parish Plan.... Felixstowe is it the way forward?

Pier at Felixstowe and Southworld Comparison

Planning Refusal Democracy Overuled

Prayer Week Felixstowe 2009

Profit Not People Felixstowe Seafront

Promenade Awash Bank Holiday 2008 Felixstowe

Prom Fence Restored Felixstowe

Promenade Repair Godzilla Footprint

Promenade Felixstowe Battle in Saving

Promenade Felixstowe Saving Attempts

Promenade on Brink of Destruction Felixstowe

Promenade Felixstowe No Go Area

Queen Victoria Visits Felixstowe at last

Refusal of Scheme 26 reasons Failings

RAF 50th Anniversary Freedom of Felixstowe

Remembrance at Felixstowe 11 Nov 2007

Remembrance at Felixstowe  9 Nov 2008

Remembrance Flowers 53 Flood Victims

Ripples in Time History Repeats Itself

River of Life Church Building Success

Romanian Choir UK Tour visits Felixstowe

Royal Wedding Street Party

Royal Diamond Jubilee Street Party

Saving Bletchley Park

Scheme Appeal Council Tax Waste

Scheme Departures Cause Rejection

Scheme Developers Appleal Criticism MP

Scheme New Ideas Development

Scheme No Alien Bias Here Propaganda

Scheme Regeneration Dream Rejected

Scheme Rejection Sad for Felixstowe

Scheme Sad not Surprised Lives at risk

Scheme Rethink Call Unheeded

Scheme to go ahead consultation mockery

Sea Defences Crumbling Felixstowe

Sea Defence Completion Felixstowe Plaque Unveiled

Sea defence Failure Cobbold's Point Felixstowe

Sea Defence Felixstowe Urgent Need

Sea Defences Neglected Felixstowe

Sea Defence Ok Next 150 Years Felixstowe

Sea Defence Right of Way Closure Felixstowe

Sea defence Work starts at Felixstowe

Sea Defence Work Clearing Felixstowe Beach

Sea defence Work Gathers Momentum

Sea defence Work  Felixstowe Seaside Rock

Sea defence Work Visit Minister Barbara Follet

Sea Defence Worrying Signs in July

Sea Level Rise House Building Warning Felixstowe

Seafront Decision Disaster Mockery

Seafront Plans Brilliant Felixstowe Spin

Seafront Plans Under Threat Again

Seafront Project Quality of life Joke

Seafront Storm Felixstowe Bloors Ark

Signs signs and more signs atFelixstowe

Felixstowe South Seafront Land Sale Value for Money?

Stay of the Rocks Coasguard Pleas Felixstowe

Stinking Goosefoot Found on Felixstowe's Seafront

Storms Curtail Demolition Work Felixstowe

Suffolk Family Carers' Carnival

Suffolk Family Carers' Celebration

Suffolk Family Carers Photography Group at Felixstowe

Suffolk Family Carers Spring Outing 2009

Suntrap Personalities Olympian Stan Cox

Tomline Transport Integrated Plan

Under One Umbrella Felixstowe History

Warning Unheeded Land Erosion

Warning unheeded Power of the Sea

Warning  Danger Zone Beach Hazards

Winter Sunset at Felixstowe

Winter's Tale .... Told at Felixstowe

Water Water Everywhere but not a Drop to Drink

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