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The Development Debate

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The Martello Tower

"is considered to be the only example in the country where the complete circuit of the military enclosure can till be traced making the whole enclosure of added significance in regional and national terms." "The proposed development . , will dwarf the Tower". English Heritage 8.1.03

Martello Tower "P" Felixstowe a listed building

"There appears to have been little if any attempt to deal with this listed building sympathetically or to ensure its setting is retained. Specifically, the requirements of Policy AP202 to retain the tower within an open area' have not been complied with. Suffolk Preservation Society 26.4.04

Residential development will only be acceptable if it constitutes a minor part of the land uses (Policy AP202). This is clearly not the case with this proposal. Suffolk Preservation Society 26.4.04

The design is not modern or contemporary, is inappropriate and in some cases out of scale with surrounding buildings. It is impossible to agree with the applicant's statement "highest design quality creating a unique experience."

Suffolk Preservation Society 26.4.04

"..the architecture of this development.. is redolent of earlier high density developments in London that were subsequently destroyed as unviable or, as has been suggested, 'Soviet Workers Apartments." Felixstowe Society 22.3.04

Policy AP202 requires "the use of the Herman de Stern building for complementary activities such as of an arts-based nature and/or catering/dining". The applicant's proposal

involves the demolition of the building. The Society considers the justification for the demolition to be totally unacceptable, unconvincing and the weakest case ever to be put forward in order to secure the demolition of

an important historic building."

Suffolk Preservation Society 26.4.04.

Herman de Stern used as the West End Theatre  showing the notice board. Visitors and residents alike will remember attending many well produced shows

Only 10% of the residential development is in the form of affordable housing and this is below the Council's stated target of 40%. Suffolk Preservation Society 26.4.04

Council Departures from the Local Plan

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