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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Heath bosses claim sale of Bartlet is fine

May 07

Bartlet set to become flats

May 07

Bartlet campaigners look to High Court

June 07

Bartlet Bequest Action Group  Bartlet Care Limited  and Government Petition

July 07

Bartlet decision is looming

July 07

Bartlet challenge too late, rules judge

July 07

Bartlet fight will go on

Sep 07

Fears over Bartlet’s security

Oct 07

Campaigners vow to fight on

Oct 07

Bartlet is no millstone , there is still a need

Nov 07

Put military in Bartlet,  perfect for wounded servicemen

Nov 07

Bartlet campaigners up in arms over sale, no back up plan, says group

Dec 07

Campaigners stunned by PR costs, debt ridden Health trust £115,000 spent

Jan 08

Bartlet Closure Cruel......... Hogwash

Jan 08

The Bartlet  Convalescent Home is making more News Headlines  than any other building in Felixstowe. The concerns  that are expressed though, all seem to be going unheeded.

The crisis over the Bartlet sale goes on with  continued press articles and readers letters  highlighting the very real need for it’s continuance.

In it’s heyday it was the flagship for needed follow up care in the United Kingdom.

It was a gift to the people by Dr John Bartlet who also left enough money for it’s maintenance and  continued operation

The PCT wants to sell it for  luxury flats to pay their debts.

Doctors medical staff at the sharp end and campaigners are concerned that  the problem is really not being addressed. Hospitals in the area are constantly at crisis point  with nowhere for patients to go who because of their medical condition cannot return to their homes.

This is precisely the scenario that Dr Bartlet  successfully addressed in the provision of the Bartlet !

Has nothing been learnt from history

Bartlet News Head Lines...... Concerns Unheeded

Bartlet News Head Lines

Concerns Unheeded