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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Parish Plan Meeting ...Felixstowe is it the way forward?

An open meeting with Suffolk Acre, was held at the Salvation Army small hall, Cobbold Road, Felixstowe Tuesday 15 January 2008 to see whether a ' grass-roots' parish plan could be drawn up, initially for the west of the town.
Several representatives of Felixstowe societies and organisations together with interested individuals were present.

The event was billed as a  chance for local people to find out more about the possibility of drawing up a parish plan for West Felixstowe and/or the whole town, Suffolk Acre representatives John Bell and Sunila Osborne were present.

The government wants each community to develop its own Master Plan  and help local people to get more involved in planning development, facilities and services, and tackling any issues identified in the area.

John Bell expertly explained the facilitating procedure  to do this and the photographs show this being done   Stake holders in the west of the town were identified and problems faced.
Trevor Lockwood of  Felixstowe Radio thanked the Suffolk Acre Workers for coming and for all the efforts made.

Those attending are very much looking forward to seeing the analysis of the findings being made by the Suffolk Acre team .