The Less Than an ideal Building Site
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Less than the Ideal Building Site

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Tourists still to be stimulated by building site

Build here at your peril Flooding the Felixstowe Picture that Says it all

Flood Plain Building A Picture that says it all Council Flawed Planning Permission

No Passport Control on Felixstowe Prom

Called In Development Plans Felixstowe

Less than the ideal Building Site

Seafront Storm Felixstowe Bloors Ark

The public rejection of the proposed Scheme and the Bloors Ark Joke

Building Folly Felixstowe Flood Plain

The Folly of Building on this land is now plain for anyone to see , in glorious 360 degree zoom on the excellent BBC Radio Suffolk web site

Herman De Stern SCDC Covenant

Sadly Covenant Ignored

Herman due to be demolished

Experience of the 53 Felixstowe Floods

An Experience of the Floods

Ripples in Time History Repeats Itself

Ripples in Time written for Orwell Spirit Summer 2003

A Play written by local playwright Building madness


307 people drowned

24,000 homes flooded

1,200 breaches

160,000 acres of farmland flooded on East Coast

Not Wanted the Unheeded Message

2005 Council Solution don't bother with real consultation don't bother with freedom of information just dictate and go through the motions of democracy

Felixstowe Press Cuttings and Elephants

Development History Press Cuttings and Elephants

Sea Defences Crumbling Felixstowe

Crumbling Sea Defences the Power of the Sea and Oops the Council Plan is to build on land set aside for recreation and leisure

Council Ignoring It's Own Policies

Suffolk Coastal Ignores its own policies area plan ignored do as I say not as do.

Felixstowe's Greatest Land Give Away

Felixstowe's Greatest Land Give Away going down like the Titanic

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