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When the wind blows then we will have “ not necessarily snow” at Felixstowe  but chaos on the roads caused by the docks being unable to unload the constant stream of lorries coming to the Port . Operation stack should swing into action but it seems  that plans don’t always seem to sync.

Instead of being known as operation ‘stack’ where the lorries are parked on the inside lane of the A14  and surrounding roads, it is becoming known as operation ‘stuck’. Furious residents unable to get to or leave their homes are up in arms over the situation. Labelling it as potential dangerous if an emergency takes place with the total gridlock.

16th January 2008 was an occasion of frustration and trial when speaking live to the local Radio Suffolk drivers where reporting that it was taking 2 hours to cover the 11 miles or so from Woodbridge to Felixstowe. High winds on the 15th had closed the docks  and the night shift were unable to clear the back log, but were sent home and many of the day shift were unable to get to work because of the traffic. Lorries  were not being warned to get into the appropriate  road lane.

Some of the drivers speaking to Radio Suffolk revealed that there was vacant space at the docks  but  that parking is not permitted.

The knock on effect was that Felixstowe was grid locked  with lorries trying to get through the Town with no one at the port to sort out the problem .

Solutions suggested by driver’s caught up in the melee were that if illuminated road signs or police instructions were put in place in good time  from the interchange roads instructing drivers of the situation much of the frustration  and hassle could be avoided.

Lorry Congestion A14  Felixstowe Horrendous

News paper cutting showing previous chaos