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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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It is difficult to find  a Suffolk person who has not had cause to be grateful for treatment received personally  or for relatives or friends

Even the rear working area presents a more attractive aspect than modern equivalents

In the days before computers, with pen and ink records were kept accounting for every penny spent.  Now in the present day records are unavailable and no one can say where the money went Dr Bartlet left for the upkeep of the building

A gift to the people of Suffolk yet the PCT is selling it a knock down price  probably for luxury flats ?

Bartlet’s Demise .... A sad commentary on today’s society

The Bartlet’s demise.........

A sad commentary on today’s society.  News paper cutting  report ‘it has been a disaster’, and so it has. A court order brought it into being but now a faceless group can just sell it for luxury flats,

The amenity which continues to be so much needed today with an ageing population. It is to be replaced with a system that isn’t even working before the unit is closed down..

Hospitals  in the area are frequently having to announce  ‘black alerts’ when no beds are available and reports of patients having to be treated in car parks is mind boggling.

The morality of it all is something that does not even seem to be considered.

Sympathy has to be felt for Doctors having to sort out the mess when a patient is obviously in no fit state to be sent home and the theory that all that is needed is for a nurse to go in to attend to their needs which so often does not seem to work out. Then the consultant is told the step down bed situation has a five week waiting period.

Solution ?

Send them to the Bartlet ! .........oops we have just sold it at a cut price bargain for some distant property developer to make a fortune for luxury flat holiday homes???

Dr Bartlet must indeed be turning in his grave as the rest of sane minded people in Suffolk groan  at such ineptitude incompetence and mismanagement of such a vital resource.

It doesn’t take make to realize the prejudicial position the PCT must be in though for to carry out the Government requirement that if possible disposal of the site should be for future medical use, would of course be to admit there is a  continued need for such  facility !!!

So why sell it in the first place.?