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The Development Debate

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Tourists still to be stimulated by building site

Build here at your peril Flooding the Felixstowe Picture that Says it all

Flood Plain Building A Picture that says it all Council Flawed Planning Permission

No Passport Control on Felixstowe Prom

Called In Development Plans Felixstowe

The Development Debate

Warning  Danger Zone Beach Hazards

Bring Your own Ladder to get down to the beach, such is the condition of Felixstowe

Development Traffic Gridlock

The Possibility the blocking of the Entrance to Britain 's Largest Container Port , now looks as if it might take place

Development Freedom of Information

159 Houses to be build on Flood Plain

Warning unheeded Power of the Sea

Design Committee being advised to give the go ahead for planning permission to build houses within metres of this

Development 250 Objections Ignored SCDC

The plan put forward is contrary to Local Plan in that no provision is made for major outdoor activity

Compulsory Purchase In a Free Country

New storm erupts in leisure land bid

Anger of site owner told he must sell

Departure Quotes The proposed development , will dwarf the Tower". English Heritage 8.1.03

Corruption or Incompetence SCDC

Planning application is contrary to the District Council's own Local Plan, sections AP7 and AP202

Free Speech Felixstowe on Development

We will fight them on the crumbling sea defences fight them on the old putting green, we will fight them with the beach hut owners, .....we shall never surrender

Warning Unheeded Land Erosion

state of shores at the southern end of Felixstowe where it is proposed  to build 209 homes of a flood plain

Development Seafront Suit Site Visit

suit site visit

Herman De Stern Historic Building Doomed

Herman De Stern to be demolished, Council has made it's mind up

Development Soviet Apartments

Resembling Soviet Workers


Development Martello Rainbow of Hope

Napoleon to Nuclear

Flood Plain Building A Picture that says it all

The picture that says it all

Military Site Sight Fight Won Development

Trio win right to visit military sites

Development Felixstowe  Gagged Councillors

Saga of Gagged Councillors

Development Value of Soak Away

Value of Soak Away

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