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Rejection South Seafront Scheme

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Herman De Stern SCDC Policy Stinks

Herman De Stern Something Stinks

Scheme Sad not Surprised Lives at risk

Sad not surprised

Scheme No Alien Bias Here Propaganda

No Alien Bias Here

Scheme Developers Appleal Criticism MP

Developers Appeal over rejection

Scheme New Ideas Development

Martello Tower left out of plan for devious reasons

Leisure Attractions Facing the Axe Felixstowe

Leisure attractions facing the axe

Scheme Rethink Call Unheeded

Call for a total rethink of seafront proposals

Scheme Appeal Council Tax Waste

Appeal despite rejection at all public meetings

Scheme Regeneration Dream Rejected

regeneration dream rejected

Scheme Departures Cause Rejection

departures from the Local Plan

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Rejection of South Seafront Scheme