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2005 Proposals and Developments

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Seafront Plans Under Threat Again

It's all down the pan can you believe a word they say?

Seafront Decision Disaster Mockery

Seafront Decision Disaster mockery council planning procedures

Scheme to go ahead consultation mockery

Scheme set to go ahead contrary to local plan

Refusal of Scheme 26 reasons Failings

26 reasons for planning permission refusal

Bin £25 Million Scheme Fiasco Message

Bin It is the message of the consensus of opinion for scheme

Heritage Chiefs Reject Failing Scheme

Heritage chiefs fear impact of buildings council fiasco

Seafront Project Quality of life Joke

This must be politics at it's worst, the arrogance

Planning Refusal Democracy Overuled

Felixstowe Town Council Rejects Revised Building Application

Herman Demolition SCDC Cunning Plan

I have a cunning plan

Sea Defences Neglected Felixstowe

Matthew 7:26

The foolish man, built his house upon the sand:

Seafront Plans Brilliant Felixstowe Spin

Revised Plans brilliant spin

Community Involvement Farce SCDC

SCDC statement of community involvement document farce

Leisure Facilities Pathetic Felixstowe

Maritime Park does not put accent of leisure

Corruption or Incompetence SCDC

SSL Corruption or incompetence ?

Profit Not People Felixstowe Seafront

Profit coming first

Seafront Project Quality of life Joke

Funding fears over coast erosion

Called In Development Plans Felixstowe

Reasons for calling in development proposals

Building on a Flood Plain SCDC Plan

Power of sea and misuse of power by officialdom

2005 Proposals and Developments

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