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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Written In Stone  Proof that the Bartlet  Endowment is provided for Convalescent Care

Weathered Inscription on Dr Bartlet’s Grave Stone

But still readable

Inscription reads;

John Henry Bartlet M.D.

Husband  of the Above

Born 9th June 1829

Died 27th May 1917

A Very Generous Benefactor of the

East Suffolk and Ipswich  Hospital

He Also Founded And Endowed

The Bartlet Home For

Convalescent Patients Of That

Hospital At Felixstowe

Changing for the Better ????

If It is clear that if the PCT  is no longer going to provide convalescent care in accordance with the changing for better policy ???  then the Bartlet should be handed back to the people of Suffolk for use in compliance with the court order that provided the Bartlet Building in the first place.

Then the Pct  in order  to carry out their statutory duties  in providing heath care would be able  buy beds  back from the duly elected governing board at the Bartlet.

This would then be of considerable assistance to the PCT in the circumstances  such as experienced on the 22nd January 2008 when Ipswich Hospital was place on Black alert with Seven  Ambulances waiting in the chaos at Heath Road  forecourt because there was no room to admit patients to the wards.

The  Bartlet will need some renovation before being handed back to the people of Suffolk and this should come from the money endowed by DR Bartlet for the maintenance of the building.

If this is not  provided  then a criminal investigation should be launched in order to ascertain where the money has gone.

Bartlet Accounts Dated  May 1919