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2006 Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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High Tide Damage Felixstowe Prom

Felixstowe promenade damage high tides

Building Folly Felixstowe by SCDC

Council Building Plan Folly pictures

Herman De Stern Demolition

Felixstowe Herman De Stern Demolition

Beach Erosion and Dredging Felixstowe

Dredging to blame for Felixstowe Beach Erosion

On the Rocks Felixstowe Stairways

Felixstowe Seafront on the rocks

Beach Erosion Tide Fears Felixstowe

Felixstowe Style Free Bike Wash

Council and Fred Karno's Army

Fred Carnos Army would be proud Felixstowe Beach Steps

Council Failure at Felixstowe Attacked

Council failure under attack from all sides

Council Blamed For Seafront  Problems

Who's to blame for Felixstowe Seafront Problems

Beach Cafe Felixstowe Execution Soon

End of and Era Shore Break Cafe Evacuated

Beach Erosion Fear Foretold Felixstowe

Fears concerning Felixstowe Promenade come true

Council and King Canute

Lessons from godly King Canute

Beach Cafe Felixstowe has to Close

Sorry we are closed Shorebreak Cafe

Council Funding Application Delay Why?

National TV Coverage Felixstowe Prom Collapse

Promenade Felixstowe Saving Attempts

Attempts to save Felixstowe Promenade from the sea

Beach Erosion Felixstowe Beware

Beware of the drop signs

Council Urged Rethink Seafront Plan

Rethink urged over seafront

Beach Cafe Stranded by Erosion

Stranded Shorebreak Cafe under threat scaffolding put up

Council fiasco Driven Headlines

O, what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive! 

Con Artists Felixstowe True Value

Con artists supreme how does £12.75 million add up to £2 million

Council Lies and Real Pirates

False information like the Children's Funtasia Treasure Island

Further Felixstowe Fiascos

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