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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Is it True? Selling the Bartlet makes Economic Sense

Is it true?

Primary Care Trusts can seriously  damage your health

Is it true?

The reasons  given  given  for  closing the Bartlet  are they sustainable under examination.

Does the  financial formula put forward for operational costs really stand up to scrutiny

Is it true?

Reasons Put Forward for closing the Bartlet

Are they a strong delusion an activity of error ??? The bible  2 Thes 2:11

Is it true? smoking can seriously damage your health

Is it true? Going private can seriously damage your health service

It is becoming increasingly clear that the model being imposed on the health service is the wrong one. The strategy isn't working.

Michael Meacher

Is it true? Good Men are now hard to find ?

Churches together in Felixstowe prayers made  during the week of prayer 2008 . Hospitals remembered, concerns for the weak and vulnerable expressed

Is it true ? The weak and Vulnerable will be more at risk with no where to go when the Bartlet is Closed




Three good men