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Felixstowe History Past and Present

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Felixstowe Pier ideas in the Master Plan for  a major water sports centre were a big surprise for the owners and the trust.

The pier has been closed for several years because it is too dangerous  for public use. The project put forward  by the trust  for shops, tenpin bowling a revolving restaurant and lots more to make the pier a major attraction  was not supported by the council so  it did not go ahead.

Residents and visitors alike  now wait to see what takes place after the David Lock Associates study for Felixstowe Seafront has been released

An empty Felixstowe Pier so different to the Town of past decades

Felixstowe councillors have said that they are green with envy concerning the success that Southwold  has had concerning it’s pier. Crowds flock to this resort to just walk round the the pier to see the many  fun things that are on display. Gift shops and Guest houses make much of this amenity.

Below an early picture of Felixstowe pier . Paddle steamers would call and visitors went by tram to the steamers at the end. Certainly an early attraction to Felixstowe in that day

Felixstowe  and Southwold Piers Compared