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Art on the Prom Event Success

20,000 people were estimated to have come to the Art on the Prom 2007 event at Felixstowe with the promenade being swamped with people looking at the exhibits.

With paintings, ceramics and all manner of interesting items on show it was difficult to walk along the promenade due to the numbers of people wanting to see the displays.

In the Spa Gardens “have a go” workshops were taking place with lots of grown ups  and children taking part. This  together with bands performing made up for a really pleasant day. The event  captured some of Felixstowe’s past glory, when Felixstowe was visited by vast numbers of day trippers.The stalls were set out from the pier towards Cobbold’s Point with metal stand railings forming a backdrop to the sea., for the exhibitors to display their wares, at lest in this way the crowds were stopped from falling  over the promenade .

Sensibly the displays were not towards the South Seafront Land  as there would have been a real danger for people getting hurt with the rocks and the far steeper drop near the proposed council folly building  land.