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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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In lovely Suntrap type  Felixstowe winter sunshine the Bartlet Thanksgiving Ceremony was held on the prom in front of the Bartlet Convalescent Home supported by the Salvation Army Band  with the crowd enjoying the singing of various hymns.

Rev. Peter Leitch  led the service and read;  

‘The thanksgiving for the giver and the gift’ .

‘The giver’ ; Dr Bartlet was read by Ken Higgs .’

The realisation of the gift’ ; The Bartlet Opens was read by Brian Ellis.

‘The Dissolution of Voluntary Hospital Scheme’; transfer to NHS was read by Councillor Michael Ninnmey.

‘Thanksgiving for work of staff and management’ was given by Dr. Janet Massey.

The Hymn Abide with me was sung and the conclusion made

A floral tribute is to be made in appreciation of Dr. Bartlet and his generosity to the people of Suffolk and the 90 year’s of patient care through the endowment on Wednesday 31 January 2008 2.30pm at Ipswich cemetery.

Notices say Who Cares Now?

What happens to Suffolk’s Sick frail & old

Councillor Mike Ninnmey

Dr Janet Massey

Hymn singing led by Felixstowe Salvation army band

Groans could constantly be heard from the crowd present concerning the Primary Care Trust its financial failings and seeming unaccountability and spin to the people of Suffolk.

Final  Bed Push among the crowd along the prom

Bartlet last post


Silhouetted crowd dispersing after the ceremony, saddened that another part of the once beautiful  town of Felixstowe is having another needed  amenity taken away from the people, due to incompetence mismanagement and privatisation by the back door.

Bartlet Thanksgiving Rally Appreciation