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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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The Bartlet Convalescent Home Felixstowe

Dr John  Henry Bartlet, for many years a member of the

Visiting medical staff of the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital

And later its president who died at Ipswich on 27th May 1917

In In In His 87th year, bequeathed a quarter of a million pounds sterling

To provide this convalescent home the benefit of those ”Who

Have been patients of the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital

”The High Court of Justice, Chancery Division, on 17th March 1924

Made an order confirming these terms and directed that the

Home shall be managed by a committee of the board of management

Of the East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital.

The opening ceremony was performed by Lord Woodbridge on 20th May 1926

P Tetshall Chairman of the committee  H Munro Cautley. Architect Arthur Griffiths. Secretary

Floral Tribute Celebrating  90 years of  patient care  at the Bartlet   

Councillor Mike Ninnmey and Dr. Janet Massey looking

at the Bartlet Plaque ... The inscription Reads.......................... t Dr Bartlet

Here is a summary of the stewardship history


First stewardship "Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice of England"

 Temporary Home was "Gold Rood", Ipswich

1919   Site of Martello Tower R and Bath Hotel ruins  purchased

1919-24  Temporary Home was "The Windsor" and part of Suffolk Convalescent Home, Felixstowe

  Mr W F Cross constructed the Nurses Home from the surviving Cotman Wing of the Bath Hotel

1923   Planning application submitted for Bartlet Convalescent Home

1926   Bartlet Bequest divided into Bartlet Convalescent Home and Bartlet Trust

1926   Bartlet Convalescent Home completed Cost - £92.000

1926   Bartlet Trust  £172,000 notional value

1929   4 bed isolation ward built

Second stewardship East Suffolk and Ipswich Hospital Board

 1941  World War 11 - evacuated because of fear of bombing or shelling

 1943  Re-opened

 1947  Dissolution of the voluntary hospital scheme and transfer to the National Health Service

Third stewardship - National Health Service

The Bartlet Bequest comprising:

The Bartlet Convalescent Home

Bartlet Trust Endowment Fund (notional value £172, 230) transferred to the NHS Group 4

 1947  East Suffolk Health - responsible for operation of Bartlet Convalescent Home and the financial management of the Bartlet Trust No records presently available as to whereabouts or value of the Fund

Most recent NHS organisation events

 1999  Suffolk Coastal Primary Care Group (sub-committee of Suffolk

Health Authority) started

 2002  Suffolk Coastal Primary Care Trust - Bartlet ownership transferred

 2004  Re-organisation policy "Fresher Future for Felixstowe"

Later abandoned

Suffolk East Primary Care Trust

 2006  Re-organisation policy "Changing for the Better"

 2006  Suffolk Primary Care Trust Board at its meeting on 30 May 2007 endorsed the executive decision to appoint PJ Livesey Group (Manchester) as the preferred development partner.

25 January 2008 - No planning application yet submitted

Fourth stewardship ? Will it depend on you !

Is the Suffolk PCT so powerful that The order of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice can just be set aside Causing such great men as Tetshall Cautley and Griffiths to turn in their graves

Bartlet Health Care Drop Off ................. Suffolk Primary Care Closes Much Loved Gift from Dr. John Henry Bartlet

The drop of zone markings at the Bartlet are very poignant and the floral display in memory of the Doctor Bartlet’s charitable endowment of the convalescent home  speaks volumes. Now that the Suffolk PCT charged with providing health care  seems merely involved in the property speculating market. Lets  hope that PCT’s That have been a financial disaster in East Anglia are more successful in property than they have been in health !!!!!!  Bartlet Health care has now dropped off to nil and the building is  sadly in limbo, though following the thanksgiving service and the reality of closure the community appears to be rallying to the cause of ‘The Bartlet’.

Drop off point in front of Bartlet entrance