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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Bartlet Closure .... Shameful Disgraceful Appalling

Personal knowledge of the fact that people over 80 are being sent home too early and left on their own for 24 hours  for a first and second time and have ended up again in hospital. Suffolk PCT  statements are an insult to intelligence the  empty hollow rhetoric is shameful, disgraceful, appalling. The fact that we are here today at the closing of the Bartlet is an  inditement  to  their moral integrity, I have nothing more to say.

Bartlet thanksgiving Service TV  interview comments by some of those attending

Was it blackmail ?

Roy Gray Chairman of the ‘Save Our Felixstowe Hospitals Action Group’  expressed feeling very very sad to, seeing the hospital close down, which is so much needed not only by the people of Felixstowe but for the people of Suffolk. The group had done everything possible  that could be done  If we had gone to High Court  we may have won but it was a very long shot. Unfortunately we did not have the funds . The problem faced by the group was the fear that the general hospital would be lost as well, and rightly or wrongly as a group we decided to try and make sure that this was safe. The Bartlet was supposed be a convalescent  home, not a hospital.

Care Teams ... When will they be in place

Bob Nicolls ‘Save our Felixstowe Hospitals Action Group Committee’  said he knew of people not only from Felixstowe but also from mid Suffolk who had finished up in the Bartlet and that the teams that are supposed to be in place obviously were  not yet in place. When asked if caring for the community was working he said ‘I hope for the people who are hoping to receive it, that it is !

Beautiful Tiling  made for cleanliness

Empty wards when the need is so great

Homely Fire places

Happy reminiscences  when a matron was in charge and knew what she was doing

Now silence thanks to the Suffolk PCT here  the Bartlet quality convalescent healing  has taken place for so many people in Felixstowe and  Mid Suffolk,