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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Closing Bartlet led to bed-block crisis

I was interested to read that there were 56 bed-blocked patients at Ipswich Hospital recently.One does not have to be an Albert Einstein to realise that, if the 56-bed Bartlet Hospital in Felixstowe (a gift to the people of Suffolk) had not been closed, presumably in order to be sold for apartments, such

bed-blocking would not exist and people would not have to wait outside the hospital in ambulances.

What brilliant overpaid minds we have running our hospital services!


Readers letters 5 February 2008 Evening Star

Closing Bartlet Causes Bed Block Crisis

ENVIRONMENT experts say it is vital to cut down on food miles to help save the planet - but for hospital patients at Felixstowe they are soaring.

Instead of arriving from 600 yards away, their meals are now travelling 70 miles each day!

Meals used to be cooked by a chef and his team of four at the kitchens at the Bartlet Hospital on Bath Hill, but now the former convalescent unit has closed, its kitchens have shut and the staff made redundant.

Now it is meals-on-wheels for the patients in Felixstowe Community Hospital with all food prepared by an outside caterer and driven from Cambridge each day - and then heated up at the hospital.

The only food which can be pre­pared on site is porridge and hot drinks. Health chiefs have defended the decision to stop cooking meals at the hospital and say it will mean bet­ter choice for patients.

They have refused to say how much the new service will cost com­pared with the old kitchens, but it is understood to be less.

A spokesman for the primary care trust said: "We've kept . staff informed at every stage of the changes at Felixstowe.

"The kitchen staff have done ster­ling work at the Bartlet and we are grateful for all their hard work.


Meals driven 70 miles instead of a 600-yard trip under old system

"The new kitchen at the commu­nity hospital has a dishwasher, water heater, freezer and equipment to heat up meals. It is not a profes­sional kitchen.

"Over the next three months' we are trialling a company, which is recognised as high quality by other NHS organisations, to provide a wide range of meals for patients at the hospital.

"Staff took part in a taste test of this company's food last week and were very impressed with the results ..

"Meals are cooked to professional standards off-site and will be deliv­ered seven days a week. It will increase the choice of meals on offer.

"Patients with special diets, such as gluten free, low fat or low potassi­um, will be well catered for. This is a standard practice in many district hospitals, including Ipswich Hospital."

Closing Bartlet Causes Bed Block Crisis

ONE of Felixstowe's busiest health clinics has been suspended - after no room could be found for it in the resort's new commu­nity hospital.

Hundreds of elderly patients use the chiropody services, which were based in the house next door to the hospital in Constable Road.

It had been planned to move the service into the main hospital as part of the £1.76 million refurbish­ment, but after design changes to the lay out of the building no space could be found for it.

The annexe, its former home, is now being turned into a children's centre .

However, Suffolk Primary Care Trust said the foot service is not being axed.

John Such, chief operating offi­cer, said: "We are suspending the podiatry service temporarily for two weeks while we find clinically suitable premises.

"We will arrange for people with urgent needs to be seen through the minor injuries unit.

"We will contact patients who are directly affected by this."

It is understood the PCT consid­ered keeping open part of the Bartlet Hospital as a temporary measure, but the premises were not felt to be suitable.

It has also been in contact with doctors' surgeries in the town ­but none have been able to provide

the room needed for two or three staff and their equipment.

The service has previously been operated by two podiatrists or chi­ropodists, taking appointments in the clinic and going out to treat people in their homes, and sup­ported by a foot care assistant.

Resident Richard Lord, who has previously voiced concern over the future of the clinic, was out­raged premises needed to be found for the clinic after reassurances

. from the PCT two weeks ago.

Mr Lord of St Andrew's Road said: "I was shocked to hear, yet again, that the clinic will not be

sited  at  the  Felixsto'.\ Community Hospital.

"To hear the PCT is looking fc premises within the town is ajoB when they were redeveloping rh hospital in the fIrst place and Le: was a major clinic for all in :b town.

"Surely, this unit should 0 housed with all other clinics at :b hospital and maybe the cleric< offices should fmd suitable pre::: ises within the town .

"As clerical work is done mainl on computers, it does not mar-.e where they are situated."

The numerous articles in the local press are a pointer to the concern and astonishment at the utter incompetence of the Suffolk PCT shown to the people of  Felixstowe and Suffolk  for the way health issues are being handle  at the moment. Namely :-

Bed Blocking at  Ipswich Hospital with the Bartlet Closure No Where to Go

Community Hospital Meals Prepared 60 Miles away farce instead of 600 yards

Chiropody Services no  room at the inn ( in Community Hospital)

Laughable if not so pathetic

Heated Up Type Meals

Prepared 70 Miles Away

Instead of 600Yds

A scheme of this nature must have taken a lot of  brain power ?

See article below in the Evening Star 5 February 2008 by Richard Cornwall

Foot Problems Suspended until further notice by order

while we find clinically suitable premises.

...... And  yet  the Bartlet stands empty  ..

This must have taken even more overpaid brilliant mind to organise

See article below  in the Evening Star 5 February 2008 by Richard Cornwall

Meanwhile The Bartlet Photo below stands empty and unused

No Room at the Inn

A14 Blocked Food Parcel solution ?