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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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The Bartlet Thanksgiving Service Held just below the building saw such a crowd that the chairman had to remind those attending to leave room for people to get passed

The Bartlet success story was recorded up to the present PCT betrayal

The sadness of those present was evident but the meeting was dignified and a fitting tribute to the benevolence and goodness of  Dr  Bartlet and of the moral character of care shown in previous times. Our “Last Bed” farewell was pushed along the prom and round the Bartlet

Although the Organisers of  the event were very circumspect concerning the PCT many of those attending were not. One lady was heard to say

Just wanted the PCT to know that we are aware that they are a load of lying, criminal, clueless idiots. With solid plans for our local healthcare future that are about as long as the memory span of the average fish

PCT Healthcare Memory Span of the Average Fish

Banners Among the Crowds

Felixstowe TV and Felixstowe Radio

Our Last Bed

Don’t Look Right

Cameras Rolling

Those Taking Part