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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Sea Defence Work  Right of Way Closure to Promenade

A Statutory Right of Way Closure notice was put up on the corner of Manor Terrace  Felixstowe  20 February 2008. This has caused a bit of confusion as to which right of way is being referred to. Whether to Seagate SSDF003 or SSDF005

However it is hoped that it is a prelude to the much needed sea defence work getting underway.

The  delay in starting the sea defences has been put down to the failure of the Council to submit the original application on time. Residents believe that this was because the council wanted their pet building  scheme to be granted planning permission on Felixstowe South Seafront. The scheme  was rejected by the people of Felixstowe and preservation associations.

Subsequently  emergency rocks had to be put in place to save the promenade from collapsing into the sea.

Will it be a race against time now to save Felixstowe seafront and to preserve the 1600 homes and businesses which are now at risk?

Gate SSDF003


Gate SSDF005


Statutory Bird Right of Way Closure Notice

Right of way Closure Notice