Felixstowe Flood Defences Go-Ahead
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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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Felixstowe Flood Defences Go-Ahead

Felixstowe Flood Defences Go-Ahead  

Felixstowe TV,  East Anglia’s Premier Internet Local News Web Site achieved a News Scoop on 25 February 2008 by doggedly following up the question why the notice concerning the right of way closure  was on display at Manor Terrace.

They managed to reveal that funding for the long-awaited £10 million coastal protection scheme for the south end of Felixstowe had been confirmed by the Environment Agency. Also that work could start as soon as the end of the week.

The news is that the work will involve the construction of a series of 21 new rock 'fish-tail' or T-shaped groynes, stretching out into the sea between the southern side of the pier and Landguard Common. The existing groynes and rocks will be removed, and the beaches re-charged.

The news comes after a series of emergency works have been carried out over the last 2 years, including the placing of thousands of tonnes of rocks on the beach and against the south end of the prom.

The footpath to the promenade will close from Saturday (1st March). Equipment and temporary offices are due to start arriving on site from Saturday, and orders worth millions of pounds have been made for materials, and for a dredger to arrive in April. The work is expected to be completed by the end of August, depending on the weather.

The Environment Agency has approved the funding for the £10 million project, which has been planned together with Suffolk Coastal District Council and consultants Black and Veatch.  

Fishing from the promenade which is now regularly awash due to the beach erosion

Precariously attending the lamp posts on Felixstowe promenade as the waves roar in.

As Can be seen the work will be in the nick of time to save Felixstowe south seafront

Broken Pipes with the beach erosion as the waves roll in

Will the start of the sea defence works be just in the nick of time  ? Lets hope so ! Visitors cannot believe that the council still intends to build on the  nearby land.

What folly.