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2008 Felixstowe’s Fate

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On a lovely  warm suntrap type day in February 2008 the idyllic seaside position of Felixstowe  is shown off at its best. Sunshine with the bracing sea air.

Beach hut owners so badly treated by the council over the years, busy themselves with a bit of maintenance in the warm sunshine.

They have the luxury of a water stand pipe but no toilets ( could you wait until after August when the beach repair works are completed )  and house building commences.

The assurance that everything  is going to be alright for 150 years now according to council officials so things a looking up for Felixstowe South Seafront.

The closely kept secret as to what is going on is now accepted as the normal council procedure so its watch this space to see what’s happening March 2008

Thank goodness the much needed repairs are about to go ahead as this picture reveals the extent of the Promenade break up  at Manor End Felixstowe

Norfolk lines coming into port in a pleasant mill pond type sea

Happy Beach hut owners, doing a bit of maintenance.

Spot the 70 year old birthday boy. 1938 was a good year.

Rust and decay in all around we see,

Spot the beach recharge survey men on the move in the distance

Right ... Boarded up toilets,,,,,, These featured in a recent Photographic Presentation on Felixstowe ..the good the bad and the ugly

Sea Defence Ok for Next 150 Years Canute Hypothesis

Quick get the same Pet Canute Council Building project underway as soon as the tide goes out........